Want to save all your photos from your Facebook business page or reuse some content? 

Learn how to download your Facebook page with ease. 

Imagine having your small business computer back up done every day so that you can access your files from anywhere.  I know first-hand how important this is and have helped other customers use the same back up program I have used.

One non-profit is using it to keep all the files of their members and photos and more backed up so that if their computer crashes, they will not have to worry.

A small business uses it to access their desktop files when they are away at trade shows or traveling so that they can still do business.

I have used it to access files and images remotely while traveling with my family.

Now, I have partnered with the company that I use.  Click here to learn more. 

There are three things coming to Facebook that small businesses will want to know.  

Who loves puppies?  When this customer contacted me, I suggested we create a puppy video for their Southern Minnesota business.  Yes, you guessed it, they raise puppies.  Their website needed a little refresh, which Westbrack Marketing assisted with.  Then, we talked about increasing their SEO so that they could be found on Google.  The video was just a bonus and so fun to create.  My daughter would have loved a puppy and I could imagine her driving around Owatonna with her dog hanging out the window. However, school trumped puppy in this case.   Still, it was wonderful helping this entrepreneur with their business.   Enjoy the puppy video!

If you need marketin...

When I was on the board for the Business Bootcamp for the Owatonna Chamber, we were talking about ideas to create interest in attendance.  I volunteered to create a video and here is how we promoted the meetings.  

When you work with a locally owned company like Westbrack Marketing, you are working with someone who gives back to the community.  To date, I have donated hours, websites and more to about 25 local non profits within the Owatonna and Faribault communities.  I was just raised that you give back to the places and people you love.   My family and I have been in the Owatonna area for years and my husband grew up here.  

If you are looking for marketing support, st...

So much fun doing a Facebook Live Training Session in Southern Minnesota.  I love doing training and as the owner of Westbrack Marketing, I have been helping people learn about video, Facebook Live and tools and tips for their small business.  

This was in the evening and just a "test" so that they could see how it works and then we talked about how to use Facebook video, how to grow with it and different ideas.  

Sharing my knowledge in marketing is one of my passions.  If you are interested in training for your small or large group, contact me today!