Top 5 Ways a New Dynamic Website Will Bring in New Clients

Experts have found that 75 percent of potential clients base the credibility of a business on the company's website design. Yes, you read that right. In other words, your website will determine if a potential client will contact your company. Does your website have the right design? Is it a static or dynamic website? It might be the first time you hear these terms but, you should understand them to improve your customer experience. Static websites contain fixed content. Every visitor will view the same information. In contrast, dynamic websites are tailored to the visitor and offer a more professional look. Not sure how to choose between static vs dynamic website design? We have you covered.

Get Ready for Small Business Saturday

Get ready for Small Business Saturday ​ In about 2 minutes you can create personalized profile pics, email templates, posters, and more to promote your business and help attract even more customers on Small Business Saturday®, Nov 24. CLICK HERE to learn more. usiness stand out.

Tips for Halloween Marketing

Wondering how to best market your business for Halloween? Watch this video for some quick tips and ideas to tie-into Halloween Marketing without being spooky. When a small business makes a few adjustments, the results can be huge in terms of revenue.

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