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Top 5 Ways a New Dynamic Website Will Bring in New Clients

Experts have found that 75 percent of potential clients base the credibility of a business on the company's website design. Yes, you read that right. In other words, your website will determine if a potential client will contact your company.

Does your website have the right design? Is it a static or dynamic website? It might be the first time you hear these terms but, you should understand them to improve your customer experience.

Static websites contain fixed content. Every visitor will view the same information. In contrast, dynamic websites are tailored to the visitor and offer a more professional look.

Not sure how to choose between static vs dynamic website design? We have you covered. Here are the top 5 ways dynamic websites help you land more clients:

1. Professional Look That Develops Customer Confidence

Dynamic websites provide flexibility when it comes to site structure. Many of these websites are run through easy to use platforms such as Wordpress or Wix. You will be able to choose an attention-grabbing professional website design that develops customer confidence.

This helps small businesses compete with big players in their industry. Like they say don't judge a book by its cover but, many potential clients don't believe it when it comes to business websites.

2. Personalized Visitor Experience

One of the biggest advantages of dynamic websites is improving visitor experience. Every customer has their own needs.

This type of website design allows you to provide content based on the visitor's behavior, location, purchases, among other options. These features will help separate yourself from your competitors.

3. Smooth and Fast Navigation

Did you know 47 percent of visitors expect a loading time of 2 seconds or less? Dynamic websites provide fast loading times with the right site structure.

Also, this design provides user-friendly smooth navigation. It will help lower your website's bounce rate. In other words, your visitors will stay on your website more time learning about your business.

4. Adding Features Such as Online Scheduling or Booking

If your business offers services or sells products, dynamic websites are your best option. This website design allows you to add features such as online scheduling, suggest product purchases, among other options.

5. Brand Consistency All Across the Board

This type of website design will help you establish your brand presence online. Dynamic websites allow you to display your logo, social media, among other marketing tools.

Is a Dynamic Website the Best Design for Your Company Site?

Yes, a dynamic website can be the best design option for your business. Today, customers look for a business that understands their needs. A dynamic design will separate your website from your competitors.

Dynamic websites allow businesses to focus on their clients instead of website maintenance. These websites are easy to update. In contrast, static websites require updating one page at a time.

The advantages of dynamic websites outweigh the expense of updating your website. If you want to bring in more clients and focus on growing your business, dynamic websites are the way to go.

Think your website needs a new dynamic design? We can help. Contact us to learn more about our website design services.

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