What Sets Your Business Apart? Free Worksheet

When it comes to your business, things can change. How do you determine what sets your business apart? When I coach a small business or startup, I often hear them say, "Yeah, but everyone knows I do that". Do they? I can't tell you how many companies I work with or social media posts I create where we are honestly thinking, "Haven't we said that over and over?" And, just when we think that "everyone knows", we'll get a message or inquiry about it. For example, I worked with a pizza company that has a family buffet every Wednesday night. We talked about it, promoted it. Then, we moved on to other promotions and thought, "everyone knows". It was not a week later that a message c

How to Use Social Media For Ideas

Social media, as you well know, can be a powerful tool for promoting your business. Yet, did you know it is also quite handy in helping you generate ideas when you are stuck? After all, think about Facebook. There are worldwide users, groups and pages. And, some of the best ideas. Watch the video to see How To Use Social Media for Ideas. You'll see how you can search for topics within your industry that you may find useful. Make sure to like our Facebook page for more Marketing tips.

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