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QR Codes for Instagram

Learn about the new QR code for Instagram. Did you know that there is a new Instagram QR Code so you can easily follow other people and business pages? Just use Instagram to get your QR code and then people can easily scan it to follow you on the social media platform.

Learn more here. A QR Code can be linked to a variety of items, from a website to an email and more. When you use an app such as QR Droid, you simply open the app, hold it up to the QR code and it will automatically scan it and direct you to the proper place. You will often see a QR code on posters or signs so that those interested can find out more information, register or contact the business or organization. When space is a premium, a QR code is an effective way to direct people to learn more.

Westbrack Marketing is your online marketing resource in Southern Minnesota. Whether you need a website, video, social media management, social mediat training, marketing brainstorming, Westbrack Marketing can help.

Contact Holly at Westbrack Marketing today. Owatonna, Faribault, Medford, Austin, Albert Lea, Mankato, Rochester, Cannon Falls, Northfield


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