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Are you too close?

Today, I had a customer ask me to look at her website from the perspective of Westbrack Marketing. She said, "I am too close to it." Isn't that true in all of our lives? I think of my van (which I practically live in). I can go weeks without paying much attention. My eye is blind to the spilled Coke, the scraps of paper, the pencils the kids leave all over. Then, one day I look at it and suddenly I see what everyone else sees - a horrible mess.

What about your business?

Have you taken time to look at the exterior, the interior?

Are things updated? Is your product fresh?

When is the last time you updated your website? Your photos?

Are you refreshing your Facebook cover page and other social media?

If I were to visit your online sites today, would I like them or leave them? If you are like me, making a list to answer these questions may seem overwhelming.

You are likely thinking - "yeah, but I have a LIFE."

What I find useful is making the list and then breaking it down into one task a day. I can rarely fit it all in. But if I try to fit in ONE thing, I can usually do it. And, if I can do TWO things, then you know I have tapped superwoman powers for the day!

Some tips:

How to chose an exterior paint Claiming your Google+ Business Listing So, back away from your business and see it through the eyes of others. Just don't judge me when you see my van.

Want help? Fill out the form for my Business Coaching and we'll chat. No obligation - let's just see what works.


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