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Facebook Snooze

Do you have that one friend that seems to post hourly or maybe has content you don't want to see right now? Facebook now has a Facebook Snooze option so that you can put that friend on hold for 30 days. It's available on your personal profile. When you are scrolling, you can click the 3 little dots in the upper right hand corner of the post. You'll see a drop down menu where you can simply Facebook Snooze your friend for 30 days. They won't know they are in snooze mode and you'll no longer see their posts for 30 days.

Maybe your friend just posted their 100th vacation photo - all single images - one after the other. No need to be annoyed that your feed is full of their frolic - just put them on snooze.

Remember that Facebook is noting your actions and will adjust to put what they feel is content you would like in front of you. This is another tool they have created to make your "feed" the best experience they can. So, when you get annoyed - just click and snooze. :)

One thing you should not snooze on is following Westbrack Marketing. I try to not be annoying and provide great tips and ideas for small businesses.


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