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Facebook Live Tips for Southern Minnesota

January's River Valley Woman had a marketing focus and I was honored to write some helpful tips about Facebook Live. Facebook Live is ranking high on Facebook and is an opportunity to showcase your business and let customers really get to know you.

There are various tools you may find useful when doing Facebook Live, especially in a crowd. One example is having a microphone. You can purchase ones that plug into your phone so that you can still easily use your smartphone to do a Facebook Live video. However, imagine being in a crowded venue such as the KOWZ Home show in Faribault or Owatonna. Having a microphone would help your customers and social media viewers hear you.

If you are looking for more tips and education on Facebook Live and other social media so you can DIY your social, sign up to get alerts about Westbrack Marketing's social media training in Faribault and Owatonna. Click Here.


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