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It is not an uncommon story that I hear. Many small businesses have contacted me because they have a website that someone did a long time ago. Then, they want to make changes and that person is gone or moved on. So, they have a website with no access that is outdated.

A pet groomer in Faribault, Plush Pup Dog Grooming, contacted me with that concern. She had a website that she could not update. After talking, we decided that a new website was in order. That way, we could integrate her social media, a better contact form and updated photos. Plus, we added an email marketing system so that she can send email promotions to customers who have signed up thru the website.

The best thing for her? She has complete access to it. She can update photos, change her pricing and more. With Westbrack Marketing, I took care of the content, the design and making sure her web address pointed to the new site. Plus, I provided training so she knew first-hand how to update her own site.

Plus, if she ever decides to sell doggie treats or accessories online, we can add that as well without a huge overhaul and update. Click the happy dog below to see her website online.

If you need help with a website, online marketing or social media, connect with Holly today!

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