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Father's Day Small Business Marketing Ideas

Father's Day for a small business can be an often overlooked business growth opportunity. At Westbrack Marketing, we work with several businesses on their marketing campaigns. Here are some Father's Day Small Business Marketing Ideas you can implement in your own business.

1. Hold a contest in your store, like a Dad's Day Drawing. Let customers print off a coloring page or drawing page from your website. Then, have them bring it into your store. You can hang them on a wall, in your storefront. You can judge them yourself, or put photos on a Google Doc and share it on social media and ask people to vote. There's a million ways to use this simple, yet fun promotion. Remember, bring those who drop off the coloring page a reason to come back - give them a coupon good for that next week only.

2. Promote family bonding - if you have a product that allows the family to be together on Father's Day, make sure you show powerful images and give a reason to stop by. Whether it is for food, golfing, recreation - show a dad and kid enjoying themselves. For example, a golfing location may do a "Buy one golf, get one free" on Father's Day only or "Give dad 18 reasons why you love him" and provide a golf/drink package. If you are a restaurant, how about a "Treat Dad like a king" and create a beer/steak special or beer/burger special and then perhaps do a kid's meal free.

3. Use social media and ask customers to post their favorite pics of them and their Dad. Give a prize to a random winner. For a auto repair shop, this could be "post a photo of your dad with his first car" or "Tell us about your dad's first car". For a retailer, it could be something like, "Tell us the worst Father's Day gift you ever got your dad". Then, do a drawing for a gift certificate.

4. Show your product. With social media, live videos and more, you can now SHOW your product. For example, if you sell a chainsaw, there is nothing more powerful than hearing the roar and seeing it cut thru things. Or, if you sell a cooler or a tumbler, show it in a truck or at a work desk and explain the features and benefits. For example, if your beverage tumbler never spills, show a kid knocking it over on a crowded desk. Don't worry, the videos do not have to be professionally done. You can do it using your smart phone... really. :)

Hope these tips got your creative ideas flowing. For help or support, please connect with Holly Sobrack, Westbrack Marketing. I have been helping business grow for years and years and would love to help you too!

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