Medford Fire Department Website

Westbrack Marketing was thrilled to work with the Medford Fire Department to create a website that would feature their community events. Plus, it provides a glance at the ongoing training the firefighters do.

This website also has a calendar and the fire department has full access so they can update photos, change dates as needed and add to the calendar. It was eye-opening to see all they do for the community and the photos were exciting as well.

The Medford Fire Department website was part of the Westbrack Gives Back program. Each year, I work with a non-profit organization to help them with some facet of their marketing efforts.

As a child growing up, we had a fire in our Iowa home. My brother woke up to the smell of smoke and the next thing I knew, my dad was waking me up and my mom carried me down the stairs. As we went out the front door, I looked over my mom's shoulder to see my dad open the door to the basement and see flames shoot out. The next memory I have is sitting in front of my neighbor's window watching the home and fire fighters going in. I was young but it left an impact on me. Without a local fire department, our home would have been totally gone. So, working on this website was an honor.

Click here to go to their site

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