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Hi! I'm Holly Sobrack, owner of Westbrack Marketing.  I started Westbrack Marketing to help small businesses have a trusted resource.  Too often, I would hear story after story of marketing companies calling or coming in and charging big dollars without any results.  Sometimes, a business owner just needs a fresh perspective, some great marketing materials and coaching from someone who knows marketing and business.  Let's take your Austin, MN business to the next level!


Westbrack Marketing is locally owned in Southern Minneosta.  I have over 18 years of marketing experience.  You'll hear me say, "no problem" because that is my focus.  I take the headache and stress out of marketing and help you grow.  I've helped businesses go from their kitchen table to a retail store.  I make sure customers get their message in front of thousands of people. 


Westbrack Marketing provides trusted advice on marketing platforms and has the expertise to guide you.  With social media marketing, website design, graphic design, targeted online marketing and many other resources, you'll find that together, we can tackle your business objectives and find success.



Thank you for contacting Westbrack Marketing! We will be in touch soon.

Westbrack Marketing

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