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One Voice

I have had the wonderful opportunity to assist some Faribault customers with their marketing efforts lately.

With one business in particular, we have worked together to create Social Media Posts and Flyers for her sales. She is using the JPEG to:

1) send via email

2) post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

3) use in her blog

The great thing about this is that it all has one voice.

The same image goes out to all media.

The look, the feel, the ad copy - it all ties together for one promotion.

Did you know that on Facebook, there are 250 million photos uploaded each day?

Think of all the advertising messages you see each day.

To make a promotion successful - you have to hammer it.

That means one voice on all networks. Repeat it...repeat it...and then they'll get it.

Want to get to the next level of business?

Contact me at:


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