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Senior Solutions

Buckham West has partnered with Holly from Westbrack Marketing to provide Senior Solutions.  With over 15 years of technology experience and countless connections to other businesses, she will be available at Buckham West and will be able to assist you with some technology solutions.

Things she can assist with:

Facebook Questions and Security
Programs to back up your laptop files
Working with Gmail
Purchasing tickets online for events
Word Doc Questions
Cell Phone Questions


Things she cannot do but can connect you to others to:

Working with printers or connecting them
Anything that would require a home visit


Use the form below to reserve a date.  We will reach out to confirm a specific time for your support.  Each session will be 30 minutes and it is just a $20 investment.  If she cannot resolve your issue, there will not be a charge.  Please be as specific as possible on the "How we can help" and we'll be in touch with any questions.  Thank you!

Reserve a time

What Date Do You Prefer?
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