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Reward your customers!

Repeat customers are vital to a company’s long-term survival. Customer loyalty programs seek to capitalize on this business reality. Such programs are not limited to giant corporations such as airlines and international hotel chains. Small businesses can also take advantage of loyalty programs to retain customers.


In the past, you may have used a punch card or a coupon. However, in today's digital world, having a digital way to earn points is preferred by many. If you are looking for an easy way to have a loyalty program, I have partnered with an affordable one for small businesses. 


Get a Kiosk and Stamp

  • You get a Kiosk  (connects to Wifi)

  • Customers sign up  with a phone number

  • No paper punch card

  • The points and rewards are customized to your business. 

  • You determine what they are and how much.

Computer 2.png

Stamp the Reward

Once the customers signs in on the Kiosk, you use a "stamp" to activate their points.

The stamp is also provided so only you or your staff can "reward" the points.

It's fun and easy! 

Computer 3.png

Make it Mobile

If you are ever at a booth, event or expo, you can have customers use the mobile app and simply take your stamp to give them rewards. Or, perhaps you don't have a store?  Customers can still earn rewards!

Easy and Convenient! 

Plus Marketing Software is included....

You'll have access to all the customers who sign up and can sent out email or text messages from the back end of the system. 

Super easy!!

  • Your Business Has A Listing on the app (free to download)

  • You get to create your own Offers and Rewards

  • Use Your stamp to give them a reward

  • OR, if your customer does not want to use the app, you can use your kiosk.

Does it get any easier?

Imagine having a "Today Only" special pop up for your customer.  Or, a "White Winter" special to help drive traffic during a Minnesota cold snap.  Or, a BOGO sale or a spring sale event.  Let's not forget about holidays - Mother's Day, Valentine's, Christmas - easily share a special and give your loyal customers the rewards!

The possibilities are endless!


There's even MORE advantages....

Your investment is month by month.  So, no big upfront investment.  No Big Contract!

Does not access your POS.  How much you sell is your business.  This program is separate from your point of sale.

Benefits of a Loyalty Program......

·         Incentives for repeat sales. A loyalty program can make customers feel appreciated, which can lead to additional purchases. When they earn points toward a free item or a discount for spending above a certain amount, customers return because they see a direct correlation between shopping at your store and the benefit.

·         Higher transaction amounts. According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, 66% of consumers modify the amount they spend to maximize points. It also demonstrated that loyalty members buy more often and spend more than non-loyalty members, resulting in a 5-10% revenue increase.

·         Get new customers. Use the loyalty program to promote to first-time shoppers or draw in new customers through social media, signs and more.

Sign up now through Westbrack Marketing! 
Just $119 per month.  Westbrack will help you with the set-up and provide a monthly email of loyalty marketing ideas to help spur sales!

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