Holiday Marketing Training

Get ready to add some jingle to your sales this holiday season! 

Sign up now to get 4 Weeks of training videos (Just $15)  that you can watch and EASILY Implement to grow your business this holiday season.   

Planning is key to a stress-free holiday season.  So, your video training will come to you starting the 2nd  week of October.  You'll get one training video per week (no overwhelm here).  Plus, these are tools and techniques you can use ALL YEAR LONG!   When you read the list, you may think,  "I can't do this!" but you CAN and you'll have online support!

Invest in the best business training you'll have all year.  Scroll all the way down to see a training video you can implement TODAY!


Here's what you'll get in the 4 weeks:

Week 1:   Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

See exactly what program you can use to blast emails to customers  (it's free)

Learn how to set-up an email and send it

Get techniques on how to get people to sign up

Free graphics to download to use on social media

Cheat Sheet of headlines to prompt people to open your email

Week 2:  Video Marketing for the Holiday Season

Learn a video program you can use on your computer that is EASY

Learn a video program you can use on your phone (free app)

Find out where and how to upload your videos for impact

Week 3:  Sell Online for the Holiday Season

Learn how to set-up the Facebook Store to sell online

Not selling online?  Learn how you can use Facebook to push sales

Week 4:  Small Business Saturday, Black Friday

Free graphics to download to use on social media

Free graphics to use in your store

25 ideas on how you can market for these events

BONUS:  Monthly Content Calendar

For the months of November and December, you will get a content calendar giving you ideas on what you can post and when.  Never struggle on what you should post - the holiday content calendar makes it easy!

Sign up today!

Limited availability!

Just $15 for all 4 Weeks of Training, November Content Calendar, December Content Calendar and email marketing support for November and December.

Training Example
Here is a quick video training on how to set-up your security on Facebook for your personal page.  While it does not have anything to do with marketing, it has everything to do with keeping you safe while on Facebook.  All the training (with exception of calendars and graphics) will be in video format.  That way, you can "see" what to do and hear it as well.  Plus, you'll be able to watch it again to jog your memory during the busy holiday season!   
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