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I have been there.  Whether you are starting a new business or are years into the one you have, there are those days.  Those days that motivation seems a little low.  Those days where you question if you are doing things right.  Those days where you wish you could just reach out and connect with someone who has walked that path.


In the past, I have talked to women's groups about "Eagles Wings" where I share my path and how God has made an impact on my life.   After starting my business, I realized that there are women out there who just need a little encouragement, a sounding board, a go-to gal who they can trust.   So, my Eagles Wings Motivational program began with business and marketing coaching.


I have been a sounding board for an entrepreneur who needed help harnessing her ideas and listening to her heart.  I have coached women who were partners who just needed someone to help them talk through their ideas AND provide solid marketing strategies and resources.  And, I have assisted another entrepreneur with her online goals while also reminding her that she is WORTH her rate and then some.


I have also helped brainstorm with those who have been in business for years.  As one said,  "Sometimes, you just need that extra little umph."   A women's clothing store works with me to brainstorm a few times a year about sales, how to increase business and such.  Another business worked with me to automate some of her marketing and start building an email list.   Plus, I coached a photographer on how she can create additional opportunities through her past clients.  Start-ups often hire me to create their website and then do some brainstorming as well.  For example, a catering place in Rochester, a interview coach in Faribault and an apparel company in Owatonna.  Each have been women-owned businesses where I have helped them take their passion into profits. 


When people work with me, they will often find emails of motivation.  I get invested in them.  I am honored to be a part of these strong women's journey and when they celebrate, I do too.  When they struggle, I say, "you can do it."    And, I help them along the way.  With one customer, she had been struggling with a website update.  I fixed the problem and she ended up hugging me in the parking lot with tears saying, "You don't know what a weight you have taken off my shoulders."    What a wonderful blessing to be a part of that.   If you want to be inspired, check out my Facebook page.   If you need help, scroll down and shoot me an email. 


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