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Mother's Day is May 13 this year and now is the time to start thinking about marketing your products and services.

At Westbrack Marketing, I help all types of businesses with their Mother's Day Marketing Ideas.  It's important to use online marketing as well as offline marketing to drive customers to your location or website. 

Here's some quick ideas to help you get your creative thoughts going!

1)  Post on your social media about any last minute gift ideas. 

Need a last-minute gift for Mom? How about instant indulgence with [YOUR PRODUCT]?

2)  Create a contest

Whether it is a #ThrowbackThursday of your customers Mom photos or an in-store giveaway, post a contest on social media to create interest and a...

September 29, 2017

When it comes to your business, things can change.   How do you determine what sets your business apart? 

When I coach a small business or startup, I often hear them say,  "Yeah, but everyone knows I do that".  Do they?   I can't tell you how many companies I work with or social media posts I create where we are honestly thinking,  "Haven't we said that over and over?"   And, just when we think that "everyone knows", we'll get a message or inquiry about it.  

For example, I worked with a pizza company that has a family buffet every Wednesday night.  We talked about it, promoted it.  Then, we moved on to other promotions and thought,  "everyone knows".    I...

Father's Day for a small business can be an often overlooked business growth opportunity.  At Westbrack Marketing, we work with several businesses on their marketing campaigns.  Here are some Father's Day Small Business Marketing Ideas you can implement in your own business. 

1.  Hold a contest in your store, like a Dad's Day Drawing.  Let customers print off a coloring page or drawing page from your website.  Then, have them bring it into your store.  You can hang them on a wall, in your storefront.  You can judge them yourself, or put photos on a Google Doc and share it on social media and ask people to vote.  There's a million ways to use this simple, yet fun promotion.   Remember, bring thos...

May 25, 2017

Westbrack Marketing was thrilled to work with the Medford Fire Department to create a website that would feature their community events.  Plus, it provides a glance at the ongoing training the firefighters do.  

This website also has a calendar and the fire department has full access so they can update photos, change dates as needed and add to the calendar.  It was eye-opening to see all they do for the community and the photos were exciting as well.

The Medford Fire Department website was part of the Westbrack Gives Back program.  Each year, I work with a non-profit organization to help them with some facet of their marketing efforts. 

As a child growing up, we had a fire in our Iowa home....

September 28, 2016

When the Mayor of the city stops by your office, you say "yes".  Actually, when she stopped by and asked me to help with the City of Medford Marketing Brochure to help educate residents on the need for a new fire hall, I immediately said "yes".  Much of what Westbrack Marketing does is online marketing, yet I did receive awards for my advertising back my newspaper days so I knew this project would work out.

Initially, I set up the brochure as a full-color promotional piece.  However, when the printing quotes came in, the city asked for a one-color flyer.  The great thing about this is that I was able to work with a LOCAL printer and keep even more dollars in the Southern Minnesota area and Steele Cou...

My creative ideas usually come in the middle of the night, while I am driving to a customer appointment or at one of my kid's sporting events.  So, how do you find the creative yet still stay focused?

We all balance a hundred things, right?  Here are some of my favorite tools that you can try. 

1.  Old fashioned notepads - I know, I know.  I help people with online marketing for a living and my #1 is a notepad?  Ha ha.  Well, I found that my husband did not appreciate the glow of my cell phone as I typed in my latest ideas in the middle of the night.  Plus, long ago, I learned to write in the semi-dark.  So, I keep a notepad beside my bed.  When I wake up with that brilliant thought, I jot it down...

Ok, I am the first to admit it.  I'm not a big selfie gal.  And, video...well, I love to produce them for others but do not like to film myself.  Yet, I can think of no better way to talk with you.  Plus, if you know me, you know I am a "talker".  I love to talk marketing, share ideas and help businesses grow. 


Heck, I have been doing that since 1993 when I helped a greenhouse in Oskaloosa, IA triple her business.  Back then, marketing was easy.  You put an ad in the newspaper and watched for the people.  Now, it requires online marketing, multiple ways to connect and getting to know your customer.  And, yep, even video.  The great news is that I have been helping customers with...

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August 27, 2019