Today, I had a customer ask me to look at her website from the perspective of Westbrack Marketing.  She said, "I am too close to it."   Isn't that true in all of our lives?   I think of my van (which I practically live in).  I can go weeks without paying much attention.  My eye is blind to the spilled Coke, the scraps of paper, the pencils the kids leave all over.  Then, one day I look at it and suddenly I see what everyone else sees - a horrible mess.

What about your business? 

Have you taken time to look at the exterior, the interior? 

Are things updated?  Is your product fresh?  

When is the last time you updated your website?  Your photos?

Are you refreshing...

Last month, I connected with a Faribault Business, Community Co-op, who wanted a creative way to explain the differences in fuel.   We talked and Kelley's energy and passion for her business is what we wanted to showcase plus, a lot of people know her.  So, we created a video for the Faribault business that showcase her on location giving a brief description of the differences in fuels. 

The video was then used on Facebook to promote education and integrated into her website on a special page developed for educating the public.   As of this post, 6,633 people were reached, 65 people interacted with her brand, 17 people shared the video and overall, it helped created an awareness....

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August 27, 2019

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