Twitter Vs Facebook Marketing: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool you have, but which platform is right for you? Read on to see the differences between Twitter vs Facebook.

Are you thinking about joining Facebook or Twitter?

Nowadays, it's not enough to only have a website for your small business.

Social media has completely and permanently altered the way consumers and companies interact. Because of this, many businesses have begun to rethink their marketing strategies.

Facebook and Twitter are currently two of the biggest names in the social media game. Having an active account and advertising on either one of these sites could give your business the boost it ne...

Experts have found that 75 percent of potential clients base the credibility of a business on the company's website design. Yes, you read that right. In other words, your website will determine if a potential client will contact your company.

Does your website have the right design? Is it a static or dynamic website? It might be the first time you hear these terms but, you should understand them to improve your customer experience.

Static websites contain fixed content. Every visitor will view the same information. In contrast, dynamic websites are tailored to the visitor and offer a more professional look.

Not sure how to choose between static vs dynamic website design? We have you covered. Here are the to...

Wondering how to best market your business for Halloween?   

Watch this video for some quick tips and ideas to tie-into Halloween Marketing without being spooky. 

When a small business makes a few adjustments, the results can be huge in terms of revenue.

Mother's Day is May 13 this year and now is the time to start thinking about marketing your products and services.

At Westbrack Marketing, I help all types of businesses with their Mother's Day Marketing Ideas.  It's important to use online marketing as well as offline marketing to drive customers to your location or website. 

Here's some quick ideas to help you get your creative thoughts going!

1)  Post on your social media about any last minute gift ideas. 

Need a last-minute gift for Mom? How about instant indulgence with [YOUR PRODUCT]?

2)  Create a contest

Whether it is a #ThrowbackThursday of your customers Mom photos or an in-store giveaway, post a contest on social media to create interest and a...

Wondering what your customers think?  

Well, it is easy to find the answers now!  Learn how to set up a Facebook Poll in this quick tutorial video.  You'll see how you can easily ask customers about the questions you have and get answers from them immediately. 

Want more tips?  Visit -

I have had the wonderful opportunity to assist some Faribault customers with their marketing efforts lately.  

With one business in particular, we have worked together to create Social Media Posts and Flyers for her sales. She is using the JPEG to:

1) send via email

2) post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

3) use in her blog

The great thing about this is that it all has one voice. 

The same image goes out to all media. 

The look, the feel, the ad copy - it all ties together for one promotion.  

Did you know that on Facebook, there are 250 million photos uploaded each day?  

Think of all the advertising messages you see each day. 

To make a promotion successful - you have to hammer it....

Today, I had a customer ask me to look at her website from the perspective of Westbrack Marketing.  She said, "I am too close to it."   Isn't that true in all of our lives?   I think of my van (which I practically live in).  I can go weeks without paying much attention.  My eye is blind to the spilled Coke, the scraps of paper, the pencils the kids leave all over.  Then, one day I look at it and suddenly I see what everyone else sees - a horrible mess.

What about your business? 

Have you taken time to look at the exterior, the interior? 

Are things updated?  Is your product fresh?  

When is the last time you updated your website?  Your photos?

Are you refreshing...

A stylish website created for a fashion business in Faribault, MN.

Getting some promotional traction for your company on social media may seem like an easy gig. But there's a lot more to it than simply setting up accounts on the most popular platforms and throwing out a few clever posts.

If you want a successful promotion strategy for your company through social media, you're going to have to follow a plan. Curious to know more?

You're in the right place. Keep reading to learn about how to plan a successful social media promotion strategy that will engage your target audience and provide you with helpful feedback along the way.

Let's get started!

Take Stock of Your Current Social Media Presence

Before you go crazy with promotional posts, it's important to take the time to ch...